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Launched in November 2013, the Mile High Life, formerly known as Mile High Times, delivers a great outlook on Denver and it’s respective communities. We report from the front lines on music, art, sports, entertainment, lifestyle and more. Each month our publication features stories and hard hitting editorials aimed to inform, entertain and amuse fans and readers, unlike any comparable publication in the state.

Our Company

The Mile High Life, previously known as The Mile High Times, has been publishing monthly since November 2013. We have transitioned from our former layout, as a newspaper, to a fresh, clean news magazine.

Being based in Denver, the Mile High City, we take pride in our balanced coverage of the issues and topics that matter to Colorado. As we have expanded our distribution across the Front Range, we hope to expand our readership, too.

Our continuing coverage of Colorado’s culture and lifestyle aims to engage, entertain and inform our readers with hard-hitting editorials, keen human-interest pieces and deeply focused features.

Our Staff

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Employment Opportunities

The Mile High Times is growing and expanding monthly. This requires increasing our staff of talented writers, artists and salespeople. 

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Bud + Breakfast at The Adagio is in the news… Again! :) 



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